2019 Knee & Hip Surgeries

Updated May 17, 2019

Patient Selection

GEANCO Foundation USA, will be at Awka to evaluate and select patients for Free Knee and Hip Replacement Surgeries. The surgery will take place later in the year but the selection of patients will be done on May 22, 23 and 24. at Life International Hospital, Agu Awka, Awka, Anambra State. Near Finotel Hotel.

Information about the selection will be posted and update here. You can check for the latest information by visiting this page.

Submit Your X-ray Images By May 19

  1. We need to receive your latest X-rays by May 19, 2019.
  2. Submit your X-rays for review including your;
    • First Name and Last Name,
    • Sex,
    • Age,
    • Weight
    • Phone number
  3. You can submit your X-Rays films and your information through one of the following channels:
    • Email electronic copies of the X-rays to geancomissions@gmail.com. Make sure to include your full name, sex, age, weight and phone number. (For help call/text Paschaline 0813 138 6375). To snap a good picture of your X-Ray film, see the guidelines at the bottom of this page
    • Apex Orthopaedic and multi specialty centre, off Aroma junction by the right before the state secretariat, Awka (For help call/text Ifeanyi Ezeobi, on 08175205201 and 08033312138)
    • Beacon Hospital Awka, Behind Fidelity Bank, on the Express Road (For help call/text Ifesi 0813 425 9417)
    • Life International Hospital, Agu Awka, near Phinotel Hotel (For help call/text Dubem Awachie 0803 798 5718)

The Process

Step 1: Your X-rays will be reviewed before the evaluation date (May 22) by the medical team made up of the US and Nigerian surgeons to determine if your case qualifies for a knee or Hip replacement

Step 2: If your case qualifies for a Knee or Hip Replacement, you will be given an appointment stating the date (May 22, 23 or 24) and the time for you to be seen by the medical team. The appointment will be sent via text message to the phone number you provided (make sure the phone has power is able to receive text messages)

Step 3: If your case does not qualify for a Knee and Hip replacement, you will be notified through a text message to your phone number you provided
(make sure the phone has power is able to receive text messages) . In that case you do not need to come to the venue of the evaluation.

Please note that only individuals with appointments will be seen at the Evaluation Venue.

How To Snap A Good Picture Of Your X – Ray Film

  1. First we need the following information showing on the picture: First and Last Name, Sex, Age, Weight, Phone number. You can write them on a tape or sticky paper and paste on the film without covering any part of the image. You can also insert it with an app after snapping.
  2. To get a good picture;
    • place the X-Rays on a light box used by doctors to view X-Rays
    • ensure the camera lens is positioned at the level that points straight at the center of the film
    • snap the picture. Please DO NOT USE FLASH