Constance Goes To School

September 14, 2007, Constance lost all her immediate family in a road accident. She survived the accident but not without sustaining a major hip fracture. Since that day, in September, Constance lived with the pains of the damaged hip, the lifestyle limitations that came with it, and more grievously, the loss of her entire immediate family.

Twelve years later, Constance had received a good deal of relief from the grief of her family’s death – although she still bore the emotional scare. Her hip fracture on the other hand kept fresh and made lifestyle demands on her. She had trouble sleeping well due to the pains; she never went back to school, never played a game, never moved without clutches, and a lot other limitations.

But favor found Constance. Her physiotherapist got news about  GEANCO’s free hip and knee replacement surgeries. It was too good to be true! She applied, and to her amazement, was selected. The surgery came through and Constance began a new life.

While she was being interviewed, she expressed her gratitude and amazement. She plans to go back to school, once the surgery sets. Her life can now take a new turn.

I am so fortunate … it is the grace of God that has made GEANCO to choose me. Because I don’t know them, I have not come in contact with any of them. I say a big thank you to GEANCO. I pray the Almighty God will grant their heart desires and protect their families.

Constance Ojo

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