Happy Birthday Juliet! A Lady’s Unique Story

You get lots of pity from people – but not just people – your patients. You are a nurse, and you love being one. But you find that you often need to be nursed. All thanks for a ten years long hip fracture.

L to R, Juliet, Alfred, and Afam during an informal conversation time when Juliet and Alfred were learning to walk again.

This is the story of Juliet. She often faced the embarrassment of her hip bones locking into place without notice and any where. It could be while she worked in the operating room or while she commuted home from work.

Several promising suitors slipped by. They get warned by their mothers that Juliet wouldn’t be able to give birth to children without a CS. And this is Nigeria – marriage is to bear children – more so, culture demands you listen to your mother.

Juliet’s family desire so much to help her. But how would they raise two million Naira for the surgery. The situation is bleak and seem perpetual. It has lingered for 10 years!

You can imagine the joy that found expression in Juliet’s heart when she had her hip replaced at no cost. It wasn’t all joy at first. It was all doubt and skepticism. How could such major surgery be done free? Are con men not at it again?

But you see, it was real. She gets her surgery done, receives physical therapy and gradually comes to life. That joy is indescribable!

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Juliet’s mother has as much joy – if not much more. As her mother, she had shared as much frustration as Juliet did. She worried each time Juliet’s episodes happen. She cries with her each time a suitor goes away. Now, her joy abounds like Juliet’s.

Juliet the next morning after her hip replacement surgery.

Your donations brought this much joy to Juliet and her mother. We are indebted to your benevolence. Thank you.

Juliet and Alfred with some of the GEANCO medical team.

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