Yellow Fever Outbreak in Enugu- The Modular Clinic Response.

According to an NCDC report to WHO in November 2020, Enugu State was amongst the five states in Nigeria with occurrence of multiple deaths as a result of the outbreak of Yellow fever. The other four states included Bauchi, Benue Delta and Ebonyi states. Yellow fever is an acute viral haemorrhagic disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes and has the potential to spread rapidly causing serious health impact.

But the good news is, this January, the modular clinic commenced yellow fever vaccination and so far, over four hundred people have been vaccinated. It is worthy of note that the Julia Burke Maternity Centre is the only vaccination point covering the entire Asata Mine area as other health centres around do not have the yellow fever vaccines as at the time of commencement of vaccination at the Julia Burke Maternity Centre. Many thanks to Enugu East LGA for making the yellow fever vaccine available to us. We are most grateful.

We are also glad to inform the public that the Julia Burke Maternity Centre has also commenced a routine immunization for children and infants. Hence, those who cannot access the health centres around them can do well to come to the clinic for the immunization of their children. The clinic has come to stay to render wholesome services to the community at large thanks to our supporters. We appreciate all you do. Never relent in supporting us.

Below are glimpses of activities currently going on at the modular clinic.

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